Property factors who do things differently

Taylor & Martin is a bespoke property management service with the sole focus of catering to homeowners who desire a premium service. Taylor & Martin was born out of the belief that property management should be a hands-on personal service with the ability to adapt to the wide variety of homeowners and their properties. Our philosophy is therefore centred around strong onsite presence and close communication with all of our clients in order to form relationships with each of them. We achieve this by maintaining a select portfolio of properties, allowing us to dedicate the necessary time to provide a premium service.

Taylor & Martin is completely unique in the way in which we operate; we do not follow industry trends and take great pride in offering a fully transparent service.

We work alongside a selection of premium brokers who explore the market for building and property owners liability insurance. We then present the best policies at the best rate for clients’ appraisal.

Taylor and Martin receive no commission on insurance policies

We deal with all aspects of insurance including initial instruction, claims handling and renewals.

Should you desire, we can manage every aspect of an insurance claim from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on immediate response with repairs. We will meet the contractor on site to discuss necessary works as well as meeting after to inspect the repair.

At Taylor and Martin, we have a network of bespoke trades personnel with whom we have a strong trusting relationship, viewing their work as an extension of our own.

For reporting repairs please contact Michael Martin or Marc Taylor on 0141 353 3049. Please see our emergency contact list for out of hours emergencies.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Internal cleaning
  • External cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Lift maintenance
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Fire alarm maintenance
  • Fire extinguisher maintenance
  • Sprinkler maintenance
  • Door entry, gate and garage door maintenance

Like our repairs contractors, our maintenance team are hand picked trusted trades personnel who we view as an extension of Taylor & Martin Property Management.

Every property managed by Taylor & Martin will have a sole point of contact form our management team.

We use cutting edge software to manage every aspect of client accounts. We render invoices quarterly and expect payment within 14 days of billing. Invoices will comprise of a breakdown of costs from the previous period for general maintenance, any repairs and Taylor & Martin’s management fee.

In line with our bespoke service, we endeavour to work alongside homeowners in ensuring all bills are paid fairly and on time and we can offer flexible payment plans.

Payments can be made by cheque, cash or monthly standing order.

Taylor & Martin will hold a floating fund from all homeowners. This float will be used to pay contractors for general maintenance and repairs and will be replenished by the settlement of invoices.

The value of the float will be tailored to each property and determined by Taylor & Martin and the homeowners in a prior agreement based on the maintenance and upkeep costs of the development.