This year at Taylor & Martin we have launched a campaign to make it easier for tenement owners to switch providers if they want a better service for their homes.


Taylor and Martin, which manages properties in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dundee, has created a step-by-step guide for owners keen to protect the future of their shared properties, to educate households on their options and to break common misconceptions about the factoring industry.


Think switching factors is difficult?


Research commissioned by Taylor and Martin found six-in-10 tenement owners in Scotland have considered switching factors, but were put off because they believed the process was too difficult.


Many believe that the whole tenement building has to agree to make the switch and change property factors – but that’s not the case. We can even provide you with the wording you need to change your factor and guide you through the process.


Elevate your property management experience with proactive, personalised service


We are trusted by homeowners across Scotland to protect and care for their precious shared spaces. We are dedicated to delivering complete peace of mind for our clients through a bespoke property management service, clear communication and exceptional standards.


Michael Martin, co-director at Taylor and Martin, said the process is much simpler than people realise, and a vital step if homeowners are serious about investing in the future of their properties.


He said: “People are now well used to switching providers in search of better service in other areas of life such as banking, broadband, or mobile phones, and factors should be no different. We want to open the public’s eyes to their options and make the process easier so they can choose the best service for their property.


“A home is usually the biggest financial investment an individual will make, and choosing the right property management company is a protection of that investment’s future.


“Glasgow’s tenements are beautiful but ageing buildings, and they require specialist knowledge and experience to maintain and manage them effectively to mitigate against major issues in future. That’s why tenement owners need to be aware of their options, and how to take them.”


About Taylor & Martin


Martin and co-director Marc Taylor founded Taylor & Martin in 2013, and it now maintains hundreds of tenement buildings across Glasgow and the rest of Scotland. To ensure its premium service is transparent and cost-effective for clients, Taylor and Martin’s pricing structure is based on a flat management fee rather than commission.


Martin added: “We’ve found that more tenement owners in Glasgow are switching to our services because they want the best for their property. They know we provide a premium service that can be relied upon, with investment in the short term preventing significant costs further down the line.


“What’s more, they enjoy the way we deliver our services, with an emphasis on transparent, up front management fees rather than commission.


“This campaign is about helping homeowners make the right choice for their properties.”


Our service is an investment in the well-being of your most valuable assets. Talk to us about how our bespoke service provides value for money and peace of mind to you and your neighbours.


For more information on the campaign, and to find out how you can switch your factor more easily,