So you want to find the best property management company out there? We’ve put together a handy list of things to consider when trying to find a property manager for yourself or your development. 


What is a property management company?

A property management company is there to make your life as a homeowner easier at every possible turn.  Property managers or property factors are in charge of upkeep the communal areas of your property as well as handling regular maintenance. 

As we mentioned in our Simple Guide to Property Factoring in Scotland,  property management companies look after shared areas, making things a lot easier for residents and homeowners. When it comes to regular maintenance, cleaning and upkeep – having someone to organise the work and keep all homeowners up to date can save a lot of hassle and avoid potential disagreements. 


What are the signs of a good property management company?

So now you know what a property management company should be doing, how do you know you are choosing the right one? What are some signs of a good property factor or property management company?

Firstly, they should be great with communication and able to tell you exactly what you can expect from their services. If it’s hard to track them down or they take an unreasonable time to reply to your emails, this is how it could be when they are your property manager.

It’s also important to check your property manager is fully registered on the government Property Factor Register. Any factor is legally obliged to be registered and they should be able to quote you their registration number when you ask. 

Lastly, what do their current service users say about them? When visiting their website, are there any reviews from previous tenants or people they have worked with? Most reputable companies will have up to date testimonials for potential clients to view. You can always ask your property factor if they have any recent reviews they can share with you. 

Doing due diligence might seem like a lot of effort up front, but looking after your home and your time is vital. With Taylor & Martin, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We value simple, transparent property factoring, so we regularly keep you in the loop with news and updates. We maintain your property as if it were our own, only using our list of trusted suppliers and contractors. 


What questions should I ask a potential property factor?

  1. Are you a registered property factor? And can you produce evidence of this?
  2. What is your approach to property factoring? And how often can we expect to be in contact?
  3. Do you have the capacity to take on this development at this time?
  4. Can you direct me to any recent reviews or testimonials?


Asking these questions will ensure you find a property manager who is a good fit for you. Nowhere is more important than your home – a good factoring company should understand that.


Who are Taylor & Martin?

Taylor & Martin provides a property management service for homeowners across Scotland who want a hands-on, personal service which fits their needs. We believe in simple, transparent factoring services, where individual service is available to everyone. 

We understand every property is different. That’s why our factoring service is tailored to each property. 

We facilitate a range of property management services, from day-to-day maintenance to varying levels of repairs. We treat each property we look after as if it were our own, only using our trusted list of contractors to perform regular maintenance and repairs. 


Find out more 

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