As property experts, we’re often asked “is it really worth employing a property factor?”

We believe owning a property doesn’t have to be stressful, and having a great factoring company on your side ensures that this is the case. In fact, great factoring actually saves you time and money. Want to find out how?

Here’s how Taylor & Martin acts in your best interests, saving you time and money when it comes to managing your property.


Why do you have to have a property factor?

While it’s not a legal requirement to have a property factor (unless stated in your title deeds) it does make life easier.

When it comes to regular maintenance, property disputes and practical jobs such as landscaping, having the right property factor for your building or development will give you complete peace of mind.

Regular meetings and proper communication means that everyone is in the loop when it comes to repairs and budgets. With Taylor & Martin, this becomes standard.


What do factors even do?

“But aren’t property factors just out to make money? What do they even do?” This is another question which is often levelled towards our industry. Put simply, a property manager’s job is to manage and maintain all common areas of land and property owned by more than one homeowner.

This includes stairwells, hallways and lifts as well as the actual grounds and gardens of a property. This means no arguing about who’s turn it is to complete simple jobs, or the common areas falling into disrepair.

Taylor & Martin strive to make every part of the process as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on direct communication. In fact, you can reach someone from our team day and night, which means you’re never left in an emergency.


Is it worth having a property factor?

In a word, yes. We know that having a property factor saves you time, hassle, and money based on our rave reviews from happy residents. Taylor & Martin provides a property management service for homeowners across Scotland who want a hands-on, personal service. We understand every property is different. That’s why our factoring service is tailored to each property.


How Taylor & Martin saves you time & money

How do we save you time and money? Starting with our regular site inspections, we can identify small issues before they become serious problems. This ensures that your property is maintained to a high standard. Ultimately, this increases the value through the years and saves you costly bills.

We only work with our trusted list of contractors, which means we treat your property as if it were our own. You’ll get a single point of contact which makes your life easier. We strive to keep our communication clear. And we’ll always keep you up to date with what’s going in with your property.


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