Keeping on top of your property maintenance can be a time-consuming job for homeowners, especially when you have external elements to consider that can be made much worse during bad weather. It’s easy to forget the importance of regular gutter cleaning until it’s too late.



So, why is regular gutter cleaning so important?


In addition to checking the condition of your roof at the same time, there are many benefits to regularly cleaning your gutters such as:



Preventing water damage


The primary function of your gutters is to drive the flow of rainwater away from the roof, walls and ultimately the foundations. Gutters are an essential part of keeping your home free from water, when they become clogged with leaves, dirt, and debris it causes the water to overflow and redirect towards your foundations which can cause water damage and lead to expensive repairs.



Preventing roof leaks


In addition to the clogged gutters leading water towards your foundations it can also redirect up towards your roof. Over time this can cause roof tiles to slip or break away causing leaks.



Preventing structural issues


Similarly, water that has overflowed from clogged gutters can run down the side of the property, seeping into cracks, and soaking the walls which can affect the integrity of the overall structure.



Preventing replacement gutters


Gutters that become neglected are more likely to need replacing or repaired more often due to becoming damaged or rusted. Keeping them clean and free of debris extends their lifespan.



Prevent expensive repair bills


Anything that can cause water damage and structural damage normally comes with a big price tag so taking preventative measures is the simplest solution to avoid an expensive bill and the disruptive repair work.



At Taylor & Martin we recognise the importance of regular maintenance and protecting our residents’ homes all year round. Did you know that as part of our premium property management service, every year we schedule annual gutter cleaning for all of our properties? Carried out by our trusted, expert roofing contractors, it also gives us an opportunity to check the condition of the roof and check for any damage such as missing or slipped roof tiles – especially before the winter weather kicks in.


Not only do we take care of the maintenance, we also:


  • Notify owners when the contractor will attend.
  • Instruct expert contractors to carry out the work who will also arrange any equipment needed for suitable and safe roof access such as cherry pickers and rope access.
  • Provide before and after photos of the work being carried out – including shots from street level.
  • Consider cost savings where possible by carrying out cleaning on multiple properties located nearby at the same time.


This is all part of our proactive and transparent approach to property management service. In addition to securing your property’s condition for the future, reducing risk of damage, a well-managed property, which has been maintained by a property factor, can also significantly increase your property’s value.


If your current property factor isn’t providing the same cover and you’re looking to switch to a factor service that puts your property’s protection at the forefront, then speak to our expert team today.