At Taylor & Martin, we understand the importance of sustainability. As The United Nations Climate Change Conference (known as COP26) approaches, we have been strengthening our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

In fact, we’re not alone. A survey conducted by Business Insider and Bank of Scotland found that 70% of Scottish businesses asked are putting sustainability at the forefront of their operations thanks to COP26.

As property managers, we have a duty to work eco-friendly practices into everything we do. Whether it’s in our own office spaces or the properties we manage.

Here are some of the big and small changes we have made to become a greener property management company.


Using green energy suppliers

The number of households signed up to a green energy supplier in the UK has risen substantially in the past few years. In fact, figures suggest that around 65% of all UK households get their energy from a green supplier.

By 2022, we are aiming for every development managed by us to use a green energy supplier. Green energy tariffs source all energy from renewable sources such as wind, marine and solar, meaning less emissions make it back into our air.


We’re going paperless

In today’s digital age, email has taken over most client communication, and it’s no different for Taylor & Martin.

This year 95% of our clients received updates by email instead of paper. We hope this number will rise further so that we can operate as a fully paperless company.


Updating our fleet of vehicles

Managing developments between Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dundee means that we spend a lot of time traveling within Scotland’s central belt. Therefore, it is vital to us that our movement is as environmentally friendly as possible.

We are updating our entire fleet to low emission hybrid vehicles. This will make a huge impact on lowering our carbon emissions.


Recycling facilities

In the move to a waste-free world, recycling is vital.

We have recycling facilities at all Taylor & Martin offices for our staff and guests to make use of. Plus, we actively encourage homeowners to use facilities provided for them at our developments.


Energy efficiency isn’t an afterthought 

Energy-efficient buildings reduce property management costs and attract the conscious tenants that we love to work with.

We factor energy efficiency into each of our developments from the start. Whether through LED lighting, additional insulation, or recycling facilities, we actively promote projects that are good for the planet.

Our Senior Associate, David Jones, is a qualified Energy Efficiency Surveyor and provides advice to private residential properties on how to strengthen their sustainability.


Our vision is to achieve a zero-carbon rating in all of our properties where possible

We have recently been appointed by Artisan Real Estate as the factor for their new landmark development, Rowanbank Gardens. This development was driven by sustainability and we’re very pleased to be a part of it.

We are committed to doing our bit across all the properties that we manage. As COP26 draws nearer we are proud of the work we are doing in the host country.